National Digi Skill

           National Digi Skill in Bhubaneswar,  was started with an aim to give one step solution to students as well companies to meet their needs. We also develop software and give solution for robotics & cyber security to any industry/company.  we specialise in providing ERP & consultancy for inventory management to large industrial entities. 



 - Clear coding.
 - Complete Cyber Security
 - Web Development in Word Press, 

    PHP, Java.
 - SEO & Digital Marketing.
 - SAP PI Solutions.
 - Robotics for Household and Industry.

 - ERP for HR,Finance,Inventory 
   Management,Time Management.
 - Consultancy for Industry Inventory 

seo & web designing

SEO is important to any business that operates online or offline and many don't realize it needs to be built into the web design process - not added in later. We provide complete solution of SEO and Web design to make you stand above others. 

 software development

Implementation of business process automation solutions viz: ERP,SAP, BI, CRM  and Integration of myriad applications using leading middleware technology. Services further accentuated by our application design, support and enhancement services.

 robotics & cyber security

Robotics projects undertaken like home automation, intruder detection system etc. We also provide  firewall design and implementation, internal cyber security audit & training, Cyber Investigation, Penetration Testing, Internal Cyber Policy Design etc. 



If you want to make the full system automated in a place like library we can provide you with the full solution with software like we did for Utkal University, Odisha.   Read More...

BIO-Metric based      attendance

In the era of Bio-Metric devices we provide the solution to make an attendance or reporting system based on actual presence and for better management using state of art technology.   Read More...

Better education with help of net

starting from online exam systems to assign assignments online and tracking them, helping peers on real time using technology. we develop and provide best solutions. 


This is the era of cloud and IOT. ERP solution on any platform and anywhere is our motto. We strive to give you the best in ERP & Inventory management with out interference of any human.  Read More...
Clients :
 - Utkal university (Agro   Management).
 - Air force School, chabua.
 - Visa Steel for ESS.
 - Complete Carrier Academy,  Pune